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Archery Games - Rules and Instructions

***Important Safety Rule for all Archery Games***

10 feet to either side of the centerline constitutes a safe zone.  No one is allowed to enter the safe zone with a bow in their hand.  Doing so automatically tags a player out.  When using bunkers you should place your forward most bunker at the beginning of the safe zone.

Action Archery - Archery Game Field SetupAction Archery - Our Very Own Combat Archery Game

Action Archery is a cross between dodgeball and capture the flag.  The field is setup just like you would with a normal dodgeball but instead of putting balls on the center line, you start by placing 1 bow and 2 arrows down for each player.  After you have everyone's combat archery gear down the take 3 flags (hand towels work great!) evenly across the center line.

When the ref blows the whistle to start the game players will run to the center line to retrieve their gear and retreat back to cover.  At this point, dodgeball rules govern the game.  If you get hit you are out.  If you can catch an arrow the shooter is out and you can bring any player from your team back into the game who has already been hit.  The winner is decided when either a team is eliminated from being hit or by having the most players remaining on the field when time expires.Three mins into the game the ref sounds

Three mins into the game the ref sounds the second whistle signifying that the Flags are live.  At this point, players can try to retrieve the flags from the center line The first team to get 2 out of the three flags wins!

Archery Deathmatch - Combat Archery Game

This is the simplest of all of the archery games.  All you have to do is start with an equal number of players on each side.  Then, when the ref blows the whistle it's open fire.  The last team still standing is the winner.

You can handicap teams by placing more or fewer people on one side to even the playing field when things get lopsided in the level of play.

Capture The Flag (CTF) - Combat Archery Game

Setup with one flag on either side of the field.  The goal is to steal the other team's flag or to eliminate the other team.

Same goes here with the number of players.  Start with an even number on each side.  Then add or subtract players as needed to level the playing filed.

Neutral CTF - Combat Archery Game

Essentially this game is the same as playing Capture The Flag except only one flag is used.  The goal is to be the first team to grab the flag and make it back to their baseline or to eliminate all of the opposing players.

Shoot It!!!! - Combat Archery Game

This is more of a game of skill and is a preferred game for those that aren't so keen on the idea of getting shot.  Take an average sized ball and place it in the center of the field.  The goal is to shoot the ball and not the players in this one.  A point is scored when one team shoots the ball and knocks it through the other team's safe zone.  Play to a set number of points or for most points in a set time.

Protect the VIP - Combat Archery Game

Start with one VIP on each team.  The VIP doesn't get a bow and will need to be protected.  The reason that the IP needs to be protected is they are the only one that is allowed to retrieve or catch arrows.  Each time the opposing team hits your VIP they get a point.  Play until a team has been eliminated or a set time has run out.

You can make things a little more interesting by giving your security team multiple lives.

Firing Line - Combat Archery Game

Line up shoulder to shoulder just like the Redcoats did in the war.  To give everyone room to fire, everyone, raises their right arm to their side and takes a step to the left so that they can place their hand on their teammate's shoulder.  Someone yells out Ready, Aim, Fire!  And everyone lets 1 arrow fly.  If you get hit you get off the field and the line is reset.  The first team to eliminate all of the other players wins.