//Action Archery Affiliate Spotlight: Raleigh Action Archery

Action Archery Affiliate Spotlight: Raleigh Action Archery

Action Archery Affiliates are the backbone of our business and we love to give credit where credit is due!  Let us introduce you to the allstars that are making Raleigh Action Archery, North Carolinas newest go-to activity!!!

raleigh action archery headshots1. Who are you guys/what did you do before Action Archery?

I've (Keith) owned a digital marketing firm for 10 years and I'm a head Varsity High School Football Coach. My Partner, Ed, is a CFO for a medical devices company.

2. What drew you to Action Archery?

The opportunity and the fact it was a new "thing". It looked like fun and Ed and I have always wanted to start a business where we could be outside so we said, why not and gave it a go.

3. What's your favorite thing about Action Archery?

It's easy to set up and people of all ages have a lot of fun once they start playing. It's safer than paintball but as much fun as paintball. You can also set it up almost anywhere.

4. What's on deck? What's next for Raleigh Action Archery?

We will need to load up on more equipment because our plan is to have three crews running events. We feel that AA is going to explode. We are ramping up our facebook marketing for events and networking like crazy.
In the next 6 months, we are really pushing corporate team building events.

5. Where do you see everything going?

The sky is the limit. To us, it's important to like what you do instead of solely doing it for the money. We get the best of both worlds! Our short term goal is to have 3-5 Action Archery events per week. Long term, a couple events per day.
We are also looking at some warehouse space as well since we want to do it indoors and have that option.

Raleigh Action Archery Game6. What would you say to anyone that is interested in getting into the Action Archery business?

Jump in! It's pretty low maintenance. The only problems we've had is with busted strings but you'll have that with any bow. The replacement strings are cheap and you can have a new one installed in 30 seconds.
Just like anything in life, you'll get more out of it what you put in. If you're a go-getter, entrepreneurial and like the outdoors, this business is for you. We are thrilled with our progress so far and can't wait to see what the future holds.




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