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Giant Foot Dartboards Now For Sale

You've seen all of the videos on YouTube and Facebook but now it's your turn to be able to play Foot Darts!

Giant Darts GirlIt started in the UK during the summer of 2016 but we thought it was missing something.  That's why we also put our own brand of lunacy into it and came up with Giant Darts.  Now your giant dartboard can serve double duty!!!  Twice the fun to be had!!!

Just like with regular darts players will launch either soccer balls or our Giant Darts at the board to play games like High Score, Cricket, 501, 301, Cutthroat and many others.

Our boards measure 12 feet tall by 10 foot wide and are customizable to have boards on both sides or to include your own company logo.

Our base giant dartboard package includes everything that you need to play foot darts!

From there you have the choice to add in our Giant Darts upgrade.  We always recommend adding at least one Giant Darts set for those that may not be the most accurate when it comes to kicking.  The average person will have no problems using the low draw weight bows we use that are manufactured by none other than Bear.  Bear archery has long been one of the most respected names in archery and the obvious partner to Action Archery.

Get your Giant Dartboard and start playing Kick Darts, Foot Darts, Giant Darts, and much more.  Really anything that works with velcro can become its own new and exciting game, you just need the giant dartboard to make it happen!

Order your giant dartboard today

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