Safe for all ages! We passed the test!

We recently submitted our arrows to be tested in hopes of earning a CPC (Child Product Certificate) that would give us a rating for kids 12 and up to play Action Archery combat games.  Not only did we pass the qualifications for 12 years of age and older, we also passed the qualifications for 6 years of [...]

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The Rules of Battle Tag Archery

You've obviously already heard of what combat archery and archery games are in general at this point or you wouldn't be on this page.  Because of that I will forgo the introduction to the sport and get straight into how Archery Battle Tag is played Action Archery Style. There are several different types of archery games and [...]

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Giant Foot Dartboards Now For Sale

You've seen all of the videos on YouTube and Facebook but now it's your turn to be able to play Foot Darts! It started in the UK during the summer of 2016 but we thought it was missing something.  That's why we also put our own brand of lunacy into it and came up with [...]

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How To Finance Your New Archery Business

How to Finance Your New Archery Business If you love sports, the outdoors and hunting, you must have been so excited starting your own archery business. Starting an archery business is a great way for you to enjoy your hobby while at the same time you earn some money on the side. Additionally, this is [...]

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