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Action Archery Combat Archery Games Player Kit


Available on backorder

Action Archery Combat Archery Games / Tag Safety Masks are designed to keep you safe throughout your combat archery games.

Available on backorder

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It's time for you to join the hunt and be hunted with the Action Archery Brand Single Player Package.

The Action Archery single player package is all you will need to play your favorite archery games,

This kit comes with:

  •  1 Bear Titan bow
  •  1 Action Archery Steel Wire Mesh Mask
  •  & 3 Action Archery archery games arrows (Foam Tipped LARP Arrows)
Try it for yourself and see why Action Archery is the fastest growing archery games dealer in the US.  Purchased separately this package would cost $143 but you can get it today for as little as $125.  Buy it now and make sure that you can get it before Christmas.

Bear Titan Bow:

  • 57" overall length
  • 28lb Draw

Action Archery Combat Archery Game Arrows:

  • 30" Fiberglass Shaft (total length with head 34")
  • Foam Arrow Head (This arrow head greatly slows the speed of the arrow for non-lethal accuracy and entertainment)

Action Archery Combat Archery Games Wire Mesh Safety Mask:

  • Durable ABS Plastic
  • Wire Mesh Screen for extra strength eye protection
*Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this item.  Action Archery assumes no liability in events related to the purchase and or use of this item.


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